About Us

Our mission is to share the benefits of cannabis sensations to all people by delivering consistent formulas, crave-able flavors, and rapid, predictable effects.

About Us

Our mission is to share the benefits of cannabis sensations to all people by delivering consistent formulas, crave-able flavors, and rapid, predictable effects.

Our Team

The S-Shots team looks a lot like the current cannabis consumer landscape:

Each person’s path to cannabis has been unique, as is their ongoing relationship with the plant. Learn more about each of their journeys, when their a-ha! moment hit, who helped them find their path, and how cannabis continues to manifest as an integral part of their lives.

My journey into cannabis started when I was returning to my former life as a dancer and recreational runner after taking a few years out to give birth and raise my young daughter.

I found my body recovery was longer and harder, my previous solutions no longer worked. I became curious about cannabis and started to experiment with it as an alternative solution. Incorporating cannabis into my life has been a game-changer and allowed me to return to an active lifestyle with more joy. I believe my story is one example of the many reasons more people are going to bring cannabis into their lives. Through this, I realized it was the perfect time to make my 20+ years of health and wellness, food and beverage experience and advocacy to create great tasting beverages and brands people will come to love and trust. This led me to the founding of K-Zen.

-Judy: CEO/Co-Founder

Like many folks, I had a loved one diagnosed with cancer and had to provide care during the treatments that followed. This experience opened my eyes to the healing benefits of cannabis to bring peace and harmony to those that suffer.

From that point, I was a believer. On a personal level I have spent half my life being deprived of a good night’s rest. After failing with many self medicating attempts, I finally found that 5mgs of THC was the answer. I am hoping that many others will find their sweet dreams every night like me.

-Soon: Co-Founder

My interest in the medicinal properties of cannabis was aroused when my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer.

She could not tolerate opioids or other traditional pain relief medicines so she was prescribed tablet form THC to help with pain and increase her appetite. It worked amazingly well for her. During her recovery she also suffered from anxiety and insomnia and again the most effective treatment was the medicinal THC. I saw the positive impact it had on her mood and outlook under difficult circumstances. I am very excited to work on bringing these values that is yet to be fully understood or appreciated to the general public who may benefit.

-Johnnie: EVP of Government Affairs / Business Development

Each of us have a very unique view on health and wellness. Some of us are researchers, some take suggestions from close family or friends and then there are those who are the ones who advocate and teach through experience and research.

I found myself understanding unique medicines from across the world at a very young age. I believe feeding your body is a form of medicine whether it be through incorporating it into foods, beverages, topicals, or inhalation, we weaken or strengthen ourselves. I found that the benefits of Cannabis were incredible, and after classically training in the Culinary Arts: I could couple the benefits of Ayurvedic cooking with it. I have been able to take the knowledge to the customer by working with collectives / dispensaries. I hope to continue to spread the knowledge of cannabis.

-Mohini: Sales Manager

I’ve always understood that cannabis was a medicine for a wide variety of needs – from very serious conditions like Parkinson’s, PTSD, multiple sclerosis, to anxiety, pain and stress.

I also appreciate that its effects provided a healthier way to relax, decompress, and simply just enjoy life a little more. It always felt that cannabis could offer a positive for everyone. As I’m still in my curious phase, I’m enjoying starting to integrate cannabis in my life, and sharing (while simultaneously learning!) with others.

-Fiona: Project Manager

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